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About This Tool

Cybersecurity workers protect our most important and private information, from bank accounts to sensitive military communications. However, there is a dangerous shortage of cybersecurity workers in the Indiana that puts our digital privacy and infrastructure at risk.

There are 20,500 openings requesting cybersecurity-related skills in the state, and employers are struggling to find workers who possess them. The supply of cybersecurity workers is smaller than the annual demand for workers – 7 times smaller than the supply/demand disparity for the average Indiana job.

Who Is This Tool For?

CyberSeek Indiana can support local employers, educators, guidance and career counselors, students, current workers, policy makers, program directors, and other stakeholders as they answer important cybersecurity workforce questions.

  • How large is the cybersecurity workforce in my region? How does that compare to other locations?
  • How much does it cost to hire cybersecurity workers in my region?
  • How hard will it be to fill cybersecurity positions in my region? Do I need to source cybersecurity workers from other regions?
Educators & Career Counselors
  • Should I offer a cybersecurity training program for my students?
  • What skills should we teach students to prepare them for careers in cybersecurity? What courses should they take?
  • What education levels do employers require for cybersecurity workers in my community?
  • What entry-level jobs can students target to begin their careers in cybersecurity?
  • What cybersecurity certifications are most in demand in my community? Are there enough certification holders to meet demand? Should I prepare students for these certifications?
  • Is there strong demand for cybersecurity jobs in my region?
  • What skills and educational credentials do I need to enter a career in cybersecurity?
  • How much can I make if I work in cybersecurity?
Job Seekers & Current Workers
  • How in-demand are cybersecurity jobs in my community?
  • What roles can I target to start my career in cybersecurity?
  • How can I transition between cybersecurity roles and advance my career?
Policy Makers
  • How large is the cybersecurity workforce in my community? How does that compare to other locations?
  • How severe is the workforce shortage in my community?
  • What types of cybersecurity jobs are most demanded in my community?
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Project Partners

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a leading voice and advocate for the global information technology ecosystem and the tech professionals who design, implement, manage, and safeguard the technology that powers the world’s economy.

CompTIA is the world’s leading vendor-neutral IT certifying body with more than 2.7 million certifications earned through rigorous, performance-based exams. CompTIA sets the standard for preparing entry-level candidates through expert-level professionals to succeed at all stages of their career in technology. Through CompTIA’s philanthropic arm, CompTIA develops innovative on-ramps and career pathways to expand opportunities to populations that traditionally have been under-represented in the information technology workforce.

Lightcast delivers job market analytics that empower employers, workers, and educators to make data-driven decisions.

Lightcast is reshaping how the job market works, with data that identify the skill gaps that keep job seekers and employers apart and tools that enable both sides to bridge that gap and connect more easily. The company’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes hundreds of millions of job postings and real-life career transitions to provide insight into labor market patterns.

This real-time strategic intelligence offers crucial insights, such as which jobs are most in demand, the specific skills employers need, and the career directions that offer the highest potential for workers. Based in Boston, Lightcast is playing a growing role in informing the global conversation on education and the workforce, and in creating a job market that works for everyone.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is committed to serving Indiana job seekers, unemployed Hoosiers and Indiana based employers be successful by offering a variety of innovative solutions such as WorkOne Career Centers, unemployment benefits, professional training opportunities and regional workforce strategies. Through these services, DWD strives to develop a premier, talented workforce, meet the needs of the unemployed and work alongside employers to connect talent to opportunities.

Job Seekers:

  • To connect to a WorkOne Career Center near you, click here.
  • To search INDemand Jobs in Indiana click here.
  • Next Level Jobs – to learn more about job seeker benefits under the Governor’s NLJ initiative click here.

Unemployed Hoosiers:

  • To learn more about unemployment insurance, file for unemployment or check on your claim, click here.
  • Your Next Step – For rapid recovery in these challenging times, the Governor’s new initiative to assist Hoosiers during COVID-19, click here to learn more.

Indiana Employer Support:

  • Next Level Jobs - to learn more about employer benefits under the Governor’s NLJ initiative click here.

DWD has partnered with Purdue’s P-CAP program to launch CyberSeek Indiana in an effort to support students and job seekers learn more about cybersecurity as an in-demand occupation and to support employers by educating Hoosiers in cybersecurity as an occupation and how to connect employers with top talent.

“The need for a skilled cybersecurity professional workforce is at an all time high. Increasingly US companies of all sizes are being targeted for attacks, with the resultant cost to the economy in the Billions of dollars. Programs like Cyberseek and the Purdue Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP) are vital components in preparing the workforce to fill the need for these cybersecurity professionals today and tomorrow”.

Dr. Marcus Rogers, CISSP, DFCP-F Fellow CERIAS, Fellow AAFS, Professor/Assistant Dean for CSEC Initiatives, Executive Director Purdue Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP), Dept of Computer & Information Technology